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Vision and Strategic Values


Stanford University is home to the most dynamic, innovative, and collaborative IT community in Silicon Valley and across higher education. Our shared purpose is to attract and develop the top IT talent by providing an extraordinary work environment that celebrates the diversity of background, thought, and experience of our people. We deliver human-centric information and support services that power Stanford’s unparalleled learning, research, and healthcare mission.

Strategic Values

These strategic values serve as cornerstones for UIT's new direction. They were integral to the decisions made for recent organizational changes, and they will shape future decisions we make moving forward.

Be Bold

We are not just any university IT group, we are Stanford University IT.  It is, therefore, fitting and expected that we should be bold in our aspirations and actions.

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Innovate with Purpose

UIT will drive a results-oriented culture of innovation that is built upon the demonstrated credibility of our high-performing infrastructure and best-in-class service provision.

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Operate with Excellence

Running our operation with excellence is a prerequisite for delivering our core services while enabling us to be both bold and innovative.

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Invest in Extraordinary People

UIT fulfills our mission by recruiting and developing amazing people. Enabling UIT staff to do their best work is also the best way to ensure high levels of morale and high levels of service to our community.

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We are one unified, central IT organization that benefits from both a breadth and depth of client services and engineering functions. We will, therefore, organize so that we may leverage common shared processes while also consolidating core specialized capabilities.

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