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Cardinal Print

Solution Summary

Create a holistic Managed Print Services (MPS) program for Stanford University — including Stanford Redwood City (SRWC)— with the goal of improving workflow efficiency, reducing security risks, enhancing end-user experience, reducing total cost of ownership (including expenses for equipment, consumables, maintenance, and energy), and achieving long-term sustainability goals; should include exploring options for Stanford Health Care (SHC).

Specific Goals/Objectives

  1. Complete and operationalize SRWC; complete DAPER rollout as an early adopter
  2. Establish key criteria to identify and sequence next and future phases of campus clients; create a pipeline for an initial consultation, assessment and proposals for at least six to eight clients for rollout
  3. Refine program approach and infrastructure, building on service design summary; include financial components, policy, governance, support plan based on established criteria
  4. Create a comprehensive change management strategy, including (marketing, rollout, communication, training plans
  5. Explore, assess, and define printing model for students on campus; determine scope and options for Cardinal Print for Students
  6. Establish a partnership between Canon and Office of Sustainability to develop sustainability metrics

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Last modified July 9, 2019