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Enterprise Governance Framework

Solution Summary

Review and redesign the university’s IT governance groups to increase strategic focus and alignment; develop an integrated, common framework of executive oversight, budgetary, strategic, operational, steering, and advisory IT governance groups that maximize the overall effectiveness.

The scope of this effort should include IT governance related to:

  • ERP/administrative systems
  • middleware systems
  • data
  • security and privacy
  • reporting

Specific Goals/Objectives

  1. Inventory all relevant existing governance groups and document their charters
  2. Consult stakeholders and identify governance groups that need to be created, re-chartered, or retired
  3. Ratify re-chartered groups
  4. Design and implement a new integrated IT governance framework that optimizes effectiveness and minimizes administrative overhead
  5. Develop and execute a communication plan that informs all key university stakeholders during redesign process

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Last modified July 9, 2019