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Talent Development

Solution Summary

In support of continuing to grow and develop our internal talent and the diversity of our community in an inclusive environment, we will continue the 7th year of the multi-year program for staff development that includes the three E’s: Exposure, Experience and Education.

Specific Goals/Objectives

  1. Select one or two successor(s) to assume the role of co-lead of the program as of July 2020 and serve as Program Coordinator
  2. As a final aspect of operationalizing the program, launch the TDP website
  3. Investigate merging the UIT Mentoring program, MentorsU, and the mentoring program for TDPs, with a focus on eliminating duplication, redundancy, and inefficiencies
  4. Expand Development for all: a) Extend “Developing Yourself and Your Team” workshops for individual contributors; and b) Leverage FMS model for a local short-term development program for all BA departments
  5. Explore and design strategies to best integrate staff coming off long term rotations and development assignments
  6. Design and deliver a modularized curriculum, including knowledge, tools, and templates, to increase the competency of all Business Affairs managers and staff around the topic of Inclusion in the workplace
  7. Continue to assess and offer sustainable ongoing activities and programs

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Last modified July 9, 2019