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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Solution Summary

Improve resiliency of Business Affairs applications and services, including response plans in the event of major incidents or disasters; and improve capability of Business Affairs staff to maintain continuity of operations for critical functions. This is a multi-year initiative.

Specific Goals/Objectives

  1. Collect updated Criticality Assessment info across UIT portfolio and perform a new round of scoring; develop remediation plans for systems and applications in top 40% of composite assessment scores
  2. Follow through on actions noted in the “Recommendations to Address Workforce Assessment Survey Results (Feb 2019),” which also includes issuing a new survey to measure progress across BA
  3. Create 20 new UIT DR plans in Google Team Drive, prioritized as a result of criticality assessment; review and update plans that were previously drafted; incorporate testing of plans
  4. Perform “lite” version of Business Impact Analysis (BIA), including continuity plans, across 15 BA/UIT units to formally identify critical functions; review and update previously-drafted plans

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Last modified July 9, 2019