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Tips and Tricks

I’m leaving Stanford. What do I do with my website on Stanford Sites?

How do I ensure Code 42 CrashPlan will back up all my data to prevent personal data loss, such as photos and contacts?

I understand Mailman mailing lists should be deleted if they're no longer needed. How do I remove my unused lists?

How do I create a well-done meeting request in Outlook?

How can I access archived data in Remedy?

How can I add text formatting to the messages I post in Slack?

How can I get discounted Adobe Acrobat Pro and Creative Cloud licenses?

How do I make sure that payment card data is kept safe throughout every transaction?

How do I keep my most frequently used Google Drive files easily accessible?

How can I make the most of the updated StanfordWho directory?

How can Slack help me keep up with daily meetings and let colleagues know when I’m available?

Wireless Chargers and Stanford ID Cards: Keep Them Apart!