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How can I access archived data in Remedy?

Friday, January 10, 2020

When the Remedy ticketing system was decommissioned in June 2019, University IT (UIT) archived the existing ticket data stored on that system. You can access that data as needed.

How do I access archived data? 

You can access archived Remedy data by submitting a ticket in ServiceNow via the Remedy - Request a Report for Archived Data request form. Anyone can use this form to request data in Remedy that was submitted within a specific time period. Information can also be retrieved by assignment group. When requesting archived data assigned to a group other than your own, you should obtain approval from the group’s manager prior to submitting your request.

When submitting your ticket to retrieve archived data, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • the reason for your request,
  • the start and end dates of the reporting period,
  • the support group assigned to the tickets (if requested data set is for a group), and
  • the approving group manager (if requested data set is for a group).

Upon receipt, each request will be reviewed, authorized, and fulfilled. 

Impacted teams

All IT support groups across campus that previously used Remedy to manage tickets should use this process to request archived data to support their clients or simply to access historical operational information.


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