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How do I ensure Code 42 CrashPlan will back up all my data to prevent personal data loss, such as photos and contacts?

Friday, August 14, 2020

If you want to ensure Code 42 CrashPlan is backing up all your data on your Apple computer, including files and folders containing personal data – such as contacts, photos, mail, desktop, documents, and downloads – you must grant full disk access to the Code42 CrashPlan application. If you don’t grant full access, you may experience data loss of your personal assets.

Follow the instructions on this Code 42 CrashPlan Permissions webpage to ensure you have granted full disk access to the application and your personal data is protected.

What is Code42 CrashPlan?

University IT provides Code42 CrashPlan, an automatic and continuous data backup solution, to all faculty and staff through enterprise subscriptions.

The simple-to-use, highly efficient, and secure solution allows you to take control of your own backups, accessing your data anytime using a web browser or desktop client. 

Learn more

Learn more about CrashPlan features, requirements and rates, and subscribe to the service on the UIT Code 42 CrashPlan webpage.

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