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How can Slack help me keep up with daily meetings and let colleagues know when I’m available?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Quickly update your meeting invite responses or join a Zoom meeting right from the Outlook Calendar app in Slack.

An app integration is available grid-wide that may make your busy work day a little easier to manage. The Outlook Calendar app in Slack helps you keep up with daily meetings, eliminating the need to open your calendar application from meeting to meeting.

An added bonus: Your Slack status will let your colleagues know when you’re available or in a meeting with no extra effort on your end.


With the Outlook Calendar app in Slack, you can:

  • Get meeting reminders and updates
  • Show colleagues when you’re busy through calendar presence
  • Review meeting details and respond with one tap or click
  • Join a Zoom meeting with one tap or click

Get started

Visit for instructions on how to add the Outlook Calendar app to your Slack account.

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