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Tips and Tricks

I’m leaving Stanford. What do I do with my website on Stanford Sites?

How do I ensure Code 42 CrashPlan will back up all my data to prevent personal data loss, such as photos and contacts?

I understand Mailman mailing lists should be deleted if they're no longer needed. How do I remove my unused lists?

I have a website on AFS. How do I delete or move the site to another platform?

How do I create a well-done meeting request in Outlook?

How can I access archived data in Remedy?

How can I add text formatting to the messages I post in Slack?

How can I get discounted Adobe Acrobat Pro and Creative Cloud licenses?

How do I make sure that payment card data is kept safe throughout every transaction?

How do I keep my most frequently used Google Drive files easily accessible?

How can I make the most of the updated StanfordWho directory?

How can Slack help me keep up with daily meetings and let colleagues know when I’m available?