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How can I ensure my website is accessible?

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Maintaining an accessible digital footprint makes it possible for everyone to engage with your content. Scanning and monitoring your site for accessibility issues should be an ongoing practice, but it can be overwhelming maintaining accessibility when content is added regularly to your website. 

Thankfully, the Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility has a free tool to help you along the way —​ Siteimprove.

What is Siteimprove?

Siteimprove is an accessibility and quality assurance platform that monitors your public-facing website for accessibility errors. Every few days, Siteimprove scans your site for potential accessibility issues and guides developers and content authors toward best practices to resolve these errors.

Additionally, the tool can:

  • Track accessibility conformance over time 
  • Alert web teams to changes in the overall accessibility status of the website
  • Scan for broken links and misspelled words
  • Identify PDF documents with accessibility issues
  • And more

Within the Stanford community, Siteimprove already scans roughly 700 websites with one million pages.

How can I start using Siteimprove?

To start an account, log in to the Siteimprove platform and follow the account creation instructions. Do you have questions specific to Siteimprove? Drop in to the Office of Digital Accessibility Siteimprove office hours every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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