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How can I make my PDFs accessible?

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Need help fixing and delivering accessible PDF documents? Equidox, a web-based PDF remediation tool, simplifies the process of fixing inaccessible PDF documents, saving you time and ensuring your PDFs can be read by all.

How does Equidox work?

Equidox scans your PDF using various zone recognition and tagging features that help specify headings, image descriptions, columns, tables, lists, and a logical document reading order. These features are used to produce an accessible document.

Note: Equidox is a web-based SaaS solution designed to fix PDF accessibility issues. It is not a PDF authoring tool, such as Adobe Acrobat.

How do I use Equidox?

To get started with Equidox:

1. Go to the Equidox website and choose the “Sign in with Google” button.

2. Use your SUNet ID with You will be directed to Stanford’s Single Sign-On screen to enter your credentials.

3. You might not need to sign in again if you have already signed in with other Google Suite applications.

Get started remediating your PDFs today!

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