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Features and Benefits

General features

  • Install easily with a web-based form.
  • Edit content through a simple web interface — no HTML required.
  • Upload up to 100MB of user files (attachments, images, etc.) to protected space. More space is available upon request.
  • Use WebAuth and Stanford workgroups for account management and access control.
  • Employ optional features by way of included modules (add-ons) commonly used and requested by Drupal website developers at Stanford. Note: Stanford Sites does not permit users to install their own modules.


  • Responsive and accessible themes make Stanford Sites work well on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers, as well as with assistive technologies (for people with disabilities). Learn more about Drupal themes and tips for online accessibility at Stanford.
  • User-installed (custom) themes are not permitted on Stanford Sites.

Site names

  • For individuals, the URL includes your SUNet ID username (e.g., “”).
  • For department and group sites, you can choose an appropriate name (e.g., “”) that complies with the University’s Name Assignment Policy (new website names are reviewed and vetted).
  • Optional department vanity URLs (e.g., “”), subject to availability. (Vanity URL requests are answered within three business days.)

Website (Drupal instance) limit:

  • Individual users can install one Stanford Sites website.
  • Departments and groups can install up to five Stanford Sites websites.

Website Renewals

  • Websites need to be renewed once a year. We'll send you a reminder by email when the time comes.
  • Administrators can also renew a site at any time by visiting Stanford Sites, clicking Edit Configuration for the site to be renewed, and clicking Renew Site for a Year.
  • Websites that are not renewed will be archived for six months, and then deleted.
Last modified December 14, 2015