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The UIT Blog is a behind-the-scenes look at the build and delivery of technology products and services to the Stanford community. The topics you’ll read about are all told first-hand by the individuals who work closest to them.

Stanford Web Services and the Office of Digital Accessibility Team Up for a More Accessible Stanford Sites

Sara Worrell-Berg
April 17, 2024

Thanks to the teamwork of Stanford Web Services and the Office of Digital Accessibility, the latest release of Stanford Sites is more accessible than ever before.

5 Reasons Stanford Sites is the Perfect Solution for Your Website

Sara Worrell-Berg
October 29, 2021

We get it. You need your Stanford website up and running like, yesterday. 

Drupal 7 Support Ends November 2023

Sara Worrell-Berg
October 27, 2021

Stanford Web Services continues to move full steam ahead to meet our goal of modernizing Stanford’s central web content management systems, including those websites built with the Stanford Sites Dr

When and How to Use Drop-down Menus

Ishita Shah
March 30, 2021

Navigating a website can be a daunting task, especially if the site’s architecture and menu system aren’t clear.

5 Steps for Designing Modern Website Navigation

Kerri Augenstein
Ishita Shah
March 30, 2021

Research shows that we have less than 20 seconds to grab the attention of users who come to our websites.

Illustration of people creating a web page

Drupal 9 Upgrade Won’t Require a Rebuild

Sara Worrell-Berg
February 12, 2021

You may miss our next major Drupal version upgrade, but that’s all part of the plan.

Stanford Sites built on Drupal 8 (D8) will automatically upgrade to D9 on Feb. 18.

How to Put User Needs at the Forefront of Your Web Design: Cardinal Service Part Two

Ishita Shah
November 23, 2020

Identifying user needs is an integral part of designing a successful website. How do you take the next step to put those needs at the forefront of your new design?

Web design illustration

The Importance of an Informed Website Strategy: Cardinal Service Part One

Ishita Shah
October 14, 2020

Successful website design unites user needs with organizational intent.

Four ‘Not-So-Obvious’ Tips to Use Google Forms Like a Pro

Rachel Manongdo
August 10, 2020

Form Builder may now be gone, but Google Forms can get the job done for you. When you’re ready to level up your Forms game, read on for a few not-so-obvious pro tips that I’ve picked up in my journey to adoption.  

Early Adopters Transform Their Websites on the New Stanford Sites Drupal 8

Cynthia Endriga Mijares
July 22, 2020

With over 160 Stanford Sites Drupal 8 websites in progress since the platform launched in February, we want to spotlight a few of the early adopters and share their unique experiences as they transitioned from D7 to D8. 

In just five months, these groups built their sites using our D8 product’s first version features, which focused on meeting the immediate needs of several D7 websites with simple content structures.