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The SWS Value

We, at Stanford Web Services, are your in-house partners committed to doing the right thing for you and for Stanford.

Just like you, we are part of the Stanford community. We’re proud to contribute to the mission of one of the world’s greatest institutions, and our success in doing so is based on yours. Our goal is not to sell you services. Our goal is to work closely with you in service to Stanford.

We create value for you by living our values

We devised a set of core values to guide our collaborations with clients and partners, and to help us evolve our technology strategy to address the changing needs of our university. These values are:

  • Do good.
  • Empower others.
  • Protect Stanford.
  • Value community.
  • Make awesome.

With these values at the heart of our service, here’s how we create value for you and for Stanford.

We design products and services with you in mind

Our products and services are designed specifically with you – and all of Stanford – in mind. We aim to deliver beautiful websites that meet your digital communication needs and align with university requirements, such as branding, security and accessibility standards, and integrations with other services. And because we focus only on Stanford, we can do this faster, cheaper, and more reliably than anyone else.

We save time and money for you and for Stanford

Our Stanford-specific expertise and deep-rooted connections across the university enable us to design, develop and produce solutions that score for you and scale for the Stanford community.

Supporting hundreds of Stanford groups, we can see and invest in a broad landscape of web needs and priorities. We love to make connections between groups who have similar goals and empower efforts to grow cross-campus collaborations, as well as knowledge and cost sharing.

We leverage work from one project to benefit the next, because creating reusable tools can save money, achieve efficiencies, and more easily connect with other unique Stanford technologies.

The result: We provide smarter, faster, more creative solutions for you at below-market rates.

We connect and collaborate across campus

We rely on, learn from, and leverage the experience of our university colleagues and partners, and we collaborate closely with University IT teams, including Client Experience & Solutions, Enterprise Technology, Information Security Office, and Service Strategy, to select and connect technologies and deliver the right solutions at the right time.

We freely share information and assets as needed to help our Stanford colleagues, such as providing aggregate traffic trends from websites, project templates, user research findings, and average project costs. We even support the annual Stanford Web Camp, free to all for networking and training.

To serve numerous Stanford groups and work on dozens of projects at once, we employ a large team of web specialists to deliver complexity that smaller groups likely couldn’t otherwise afford. In this model, everyone who works with Stanford Web Services – whether a large school or small lab – benefits from our depth of expertise.

We hear – and we listen

By listening to you and offering sincere advice and honest feedback throughout your project, we’ll find the solution right for you, whether that’s working with us on your website or collaborating with one of our pre-approved and trusted vendor partners. Even after launch, we – your partners, your colleagues, your neighbors across the quad – are still here, providing friendly support through in-person office hours, online assistance and dedicated support contacts.

We troubleshoot with you, navigate issues for you, and resolve problems when they arise. We face challenges with you, laugh with you, and through our close collaboration, build strong relationships with you. In time, we become a trusted part of your team.

After all, we are on the same team: the Stanford team.