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Jamf Information for Technical Support Staff

The Jamf Cloud console is a tool used to manage and secure Apple devices, fix IT issues, enhance security, and allow clients to continue working uninterrupted. IT support staff can use these "How to" guides to help navigate and customize the Jamf Cloud console and analyze logs for troubleshooting and investigation.​

TIP! The first time you visit, remember to include https:// ahead of Production Jamf Cloud instance web address Log in with our usual Stanford SSO.

Learn more 

Stanford staff can also learn through Jamf's formal training resources described below. The Jamf Nation and Online Training Catalog resources require that you submit a ServiceNow request to associate your Jamf Nation username with Stanford University’s Jamf customer account. The benefits of this association:

  • Free access to the training materials
  • Discounted pricing on Jamf Online Training and certification

Important! You must complete the steps below to access Jamf’s Online Training Catalog. 
Create a Jamf Nation account.
     2: Submit your Jamf Nation username in a ServiceNow ticket requesting access to Jamf’s Online Training catalog.

Jamf Community

Stay connected with your peers and receive valuable support via the Jamf community.

Jamf Nation

  • Visit the Jamf Nation community forum, where Jamf Mac Administrators can seek help from other Mac Administrators and gain knowledge through shared experiences. 


Self-paced Training

Take advantage of self-paced training by selecting from a wide range of Jamf or Apple topics available in Jamf's training catalog. This enables you to learn at your own pace. To access the Jamf site, refer to the "Important" note mentioned above. Check out the Jamf online training catalog for a comprehensive list of available courses.


Last modified March 4, 2024