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Nudge for macOS

Nudge is a tool that lets you know when it’s time to update your macOS device — to offer a simpler, more convenient path to macOS compliance at Stanford.

Nudge in action

The pop-up message below appears when it’s time to update your device. You can follow the prompts to complete the process immediately or defer updating until later.

Nudge FAQs

What is Nudge @ Stanford?
Nudge is a compliance tool that prompts — or “nudges” — people to install macOS updates themselves from System Preferences.
How does Nudge work?
The Nudge application launches on a schedule determined by different components within the app.

The Nudge app allows you to defer an update to a later time. However, as time goes on and the required installation date nears, Nudge prompts become more frequent, and the allowed deferral period shortens. Once the installation date has passed, Nudge will no longer allow deferrals.
What are the advantages of using Nudge?

Compared to older methods of auto-installing macOS updates and prompting for a restart, Nudge takes a lighter, less intrusive approach. The app uses the built-in method of installing updates through System Preferences for a more consistent update experience.

The newest version of macOS 13 Ventura (currently in beta) introduces the Rapid Security Response feature. This allows devices to receive security updates expediently, so the most critical security patches can be installed as soon as Apple releases them.

When are we deploying Nudge? 

Nudge is currently in a testing phase. It will be rolled out to specific groups before being deployed university-wide. During the testing and initial deployment phase, we expect the app will be revised.

I’ve received the error "Your disk does not have enough free space"

macOS provides easy methods for performing disk cleanup follow the link below to learn how.

Free up storage space on your Mac

Nudge shows there's an update but I don't see one in System Preferences/System Settings

Nudge shows there's an update but I don't see one in System Preferences/System Settings

Please restart your macOS device and attempt the update again.

If the latest version of macOS is still not available after running the previous action please contact the UIT Service Desk or your local IT Department for support.

How do I opt-out of Nudge? 

We are deploying Nudge to align with Apple's best practice for updates. Because of the importance of security patches and bug fixes, Apple recommends running the most current version of any given OS at all times. Unless there is a technical need to remain on a specific point release of an OS, we strongly recommend keeping operating systems up to date with the current release.

Individual schools and departments set their own requirements for exceptions to Nudge. If you want to request an exception, reach out to your local IT support organization.

How do I get help?
For questions, submit a Help request.


Last modified February 15, 2024