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Jamf Change Notes

Internal Changes versus Jamf Vendor Changes

The sections below distinguish internal changes by Stanford University IT versus external updates administered by the Jamf Cloud Team. Note that the listed internal changes only include global changes -- not the additional configurations and automation Distributed IT might deploy to their respective Jamf Site(s).

More Information

If you cannot find more information about an item in our #jamf or #cop-macs Slack channels, feel free to inquire with us in #jamf or #eed-public.

Also, see the section below for official Jamf documentation.

Internal Changes by Stanford University IT

Security - macOS - CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor installation/removal automations now account for Zoom meetings in session

June 6, 2024

- Jamf no longer proceeds with CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor installation/removal, if a Zoom session is detected

- Jamf will now defer automated Falcon Sensor installation/removal to another time when neither a VPN session nor Zoom session are detected

- This is to avoid unexpected disruptions to network connectivity while VPN is in use and/or while in a Zoom meeting

Setup Assistant - macOS - Removed Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) pane warning of the computer account creation bug

June 2, 2024

- The ADE pane entitled "Stanford University - Device Enrollment - Important Message" has been removed, no longer appearing just before Stanford SSO login during setup of macOS

- This message was only necessary to warn of the possibliity of macOS skipping the prompt to create a computer account due to a Jamf Pro 10 bug; this is now fixed with our upgrade to Jamf Pro 11

- The new duplicated default PreStage Enrollments created as a work-around for this bug are no longer default; the original PreStage Enrollments were reinstated as the defaults

Maintenance - Renewed/replaced Jamf enrollment certificate for MDM Profile ("Stanford Device Management")

February 28, 2024

- For those with an expired date for the certificate, it can be ignored; and the “Unverified” status does NOT affect Jamf functionality whatsoever. It also has no impact on device compliance.

- If the "Unverified" status is concerning for any reason you can submit a ticket to discuss options with EED.

Security - macOS - Discontinued automatic disablement of Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter (SOM Site)

February 7, 2024

- In the School of Medicine's SOM Site, Jamf no longer automatically disables Cisco's AnyConnect Socket Filter -- formerly the cause of macOS network instability most prominently in 2022

- Disabling the Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter is also no longer a prerequisite to receive Jamf's automated CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor installation

Security - macOS - Discontinued automatic deployment of CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor to macOS 11 (Big Sur)

December 20, 2023

- Jamf no longer automatically deploys CrowdStrike's Falcon Sensor to macOS 11 (Big Sur) as of today

- This aligns with CrowdStrike (i.e. the vendor) ending support for macOS 11 (Big Sur) by the end of 2023

Performance - Shorten Computer and Mobile Device Management History

December 8, 2023

- Jamf will only retain Computer and Mobile Device Management log history (related to APNs commands) for 1 month, instead of 3 months

- Required to reduce a significant source of database table size bloat, increasing overall service performance and reliability

Fix - macOS - Resolved Setup Assistant's missing Computer Account creation screen

November 14, 2023

- Through 2023, we experienced an increasingly high incidence of the "Create a Computer Account" screen's failure to display during Setup Assistant

- After discontinuing the creation of Jamf's deprecated "management account" upon computer enrollment, macOS now consistently presents its "Create a Computer Account" screen during Setup Assistant

Performance - Scaled our server settings in line with Stanford reaching a device count tipping point

November 1, 2023

- Computers will poll for pending Jamf automations every 30 minutes, instead of every 15 minutes -- some may know this as the Jamf computer "Recurring Check-in Frequency"

- Jamf will only retain computer policy (e.g. automated application installation) history for 3 months, instead of 1 year

- The changes above are by Jamf's recommendation to optimize our server's ability to reliably manage of our device population size and automation use cases

Bug - macOS - Communicated persistence of Setup Assistant's missing Computer Account creation screen

October 26, 2023

- Updated our messaging (e.g. this Jamf FAQ item) to indicate macOS Sonoma has not yet included a fix to the macOS Setup Assistant bug

- We still occassionally do not see the "Create a Computer Account" screen at Setup Assistant completion, and must rely on our interim solution per this Jamf FAQ item

Security - macOS - Discontinued automatic disablement of Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter

October 18, 2023

- Jamf no longer automatically disables Cisco's AnyConnect Socket Filter, known to be the cause of macOS network disconnections in 2022

- CrowdStrike automations no longer require the Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter to be disabled before a computer can receive an automated Falcon Sensor installation

Security - macOS - Automations updated to target macOS Sonoma 14

October 12, 2023

- Updated CrowdStrike automations to target macOS Sonoma -- Cardinal Protect computers included

Compliance - macOS - Incorporated additional intelligence into the Nudge experience

September 29, 2023

- Enhanced our Nudge automations by introducing intelligence gathering on the health of macOS' Software Update service

- Incorporated our ability to only display Nudge when macOS' Software Update is "healthy" and likely to display accurate update information

Vendor Changes by Jamf Cloud Team

Jamf Cloud Version Upgrade to Jamf Pro 11.4.2, Migration to Modern Infrastructure

June 2, 2024

- The Jamf Cloud Team upgraded our Jamf Cloud instance to version 11.4.2, then moved it to their modern (Kubernetes) infrastructure.

- Jamf Cloud version 11 enables our access to the latest Jamf and Apple MDM management features (e.g. Declarative Device Management, Jamf Remote Assist, ...).

- Their modern infrastructure brings us a more resilient Jamf experience with automatic scaling of resources upon changes to server load.

Jamf Cloud Database Preventative Maintenance

December 3, 2023

- To maintain overall service availability and responsiveness, the Jamf Cloud Team will trim over-sized database tables down to more manageable sizes.

Jamf Cloud Database Server Upgrade

November 18, 2023

- To improve performance and overall reliability of our Jamf Pro Database Server the Jamf Cloud Team added additional system resources.

Jamf Cloud Upgrade - Version 10.50

October 22, 2023

- Initial support for features of macOS Sonoma 14, iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17

- Introduces our ability to work around the Computer Account creation bug related to the unresolved Mac Setup Assistant problem

Jamf documentation for version-specific enhancements, removals, and resolved issues

New Features and Enhancements

Deprecations and Removals

Resolved Issues

Last modified June 12, 2024