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Configuration Profiles (macOS)

Important! Some macOS users have experienced a bug during the setup of a Mac with Setup Assistant. This bug prevents the creation of the Mac account username and password. If you are experiencing this known issue, follow the steps on this FAQ: Why do we no longer have the option to create a Mac account during Setup Assistant?

Purpose of Stanford University-managed configuration profiles

Jamf-enrolled Mac computers receive a standard set of configuration profiles. The following lists some general purposes they serve:

Authorize access to areas of Mac local storage required for application functionality

  • Enable CrashPlan's access to areas of storage required to thoroughly backup your data
  • Enable CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor's ability to protect you from cyberthreats

Perform actions and configurations that we must otherwise do manually

  • Automatically/silently approve System Extension requests to start:         

    • CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor services
    • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility (VPN) service


Consistently enable baseline security settings for macOS and applications

  • Allow silent removal of System Extensions like the Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter service (macOS Monterey 12.0 and above only)
  • Enable Zoom's automatic updates

Lists of Stanford University-managed configuration profiles (as of 3/31/2023)

Currently deployed to all Jamf-enrolled Mac computers

  • [SU] macOS 10.15+ Cisco AnyConnect System Extension and Content Filter (with Socket Filter)
  • [SU] macOS 12+ Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter System Extension - Allow Removal
  • [SU] CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor - FDA, System Extensions, Content Filter, Notifications
  • [SU] Code42 CrashPlan PPPC
  • [SU] CrashPlan PPPC
  • [SU] Primary_Organization_ID_OrgCode: ****
  • [SU] Stanford Nudge Configuration

Scheduled to be deployed, or in the process of a rolling deployment to all Jamf-enrolled Mac computers

April 2023
  • Updated version of [SU] macOS 10.15+ Cisco AnyConnect System Extension and Content Filter (with Socket Filter) -- replacing with [SU] macOS 10.15+ Cisco AnyConnect System Extension and Content Filter (Vendor-provided Configuration)

How to view a list of configuration profiles installed on your Mac computer

Navigate to System Preferences or System Settings to find Profiles.

macOS versions prior to Ventura 13.0 → System Preferences > Profiles

macOS versions as of Ventura 13.0 → System Settings > Profiles

 ℹ️ Note: if you do not find Profiles, your computer may not be enrolled in Jamf; this also suggests you do not have your Cardinal Key installed.

 💡 Tip: See how within each configuration profile we use the Description section to list the purpose of the configuration profile; you will find a change log there, as well. This example below is our configuration profile for CrashPlan's backup client. We use the [SU] prefix in the name to denote it is a Stanford University-managed configuration profile.


Last modified July 13, 2023