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Sponsorship Manager

Sponsor individuals for a Stanford University Network Identification (SUNetID) or sponsor email service for a department or function

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View proposed FY25 rate changes.

Sponsorship Manager is an administrative web application. It allows faculty, managers, and authorized individuals to sponsor people for computing services, as long as the person to be sponsored meets basic eligibility requirements.

The following services can be sponsored with Sponsorship Manager:

  • Account (SUNet ID and email)
  • Email service for a department or function (shared email)

A full account, which includes email and services, carries a monthly charge. For this service the sponsor must have requisitions authority for a current university account. Other services are free and require only that the sponsor be a faculty member, manager, or an individual who has been granted the privilege to sponsor. Sponsorships are  maintained through the application.



  • Sponsorship of a SUNet ID for someone who is not university-eligible, such as a contractor, consultant, or visiting faculty member
  • Sponsorship of a shared email account for a department or function
  • Able to view, change, or end current sponsorships for which you are the sponsor or the contact

Designed for

  • People with sponsorship authority: faculty, managers, and individuals who have been expressly granted the privilege to sponsor in Authority Manager
  • People without sponsorship authority: anyone with a SUNet ID has view-only access


  • A SUNet ID can be sponsored by a faculty member, a manager as defined by Human Resources, or an individual who has been expressly granted the privilege to sponsor in Authority Manager.
  • Individuals granted sponsorship privileges via Authority Manager must complete a required online training course offered through STARS before being able to sponsor anyone.
  • To sponsor a full account you must provide a current PTA for which you have requisitions authority in Oracle Financials.


Sponsored Accounts (SUNet ID, email, Shared Email) Monthly Daily
Base Account (SUNet ID only, no email) free free
Full Account (email & services)
The PTA you provide in Sponsorship Manager is charged the daily rate, up to the monthly maximum.
$18 $0.60
Shared Email Account free free

Get started

Faculty, managers, and individuals who have been granted the privilege to sponsor: Log in to Sponsorship Manager and then follow the online instructions for sponsoring a person or a shared email account.

Others needing to sponsor: Please work with your immediate supervisor to have sponsorship authority granted to you via Authority Manager.

Get help

For assistance, please submit a Help request.

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Last modified October 10, 2023