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What's New in Sponsorship Manager

If you currently have the ability to sponsor but are not a faculty member or a manager, you will not initially be able to sponsor. Please work with your supervisor or manager to have sponsorship authority granted to you via Authority Manager.

The upgraded Sponsorship Manager includes new features and is enhanced to address recent changes in library sponsorship. 

New features

Sponsorship Manager has several new features,  including:

Update Sponsee Name and Birthdate

The Middleware and Integration Services (MaIS) team in University IT (UIT) has created a new option to allow sponsors to change the name and birthdate of his/her sponsee, only if the sponsee’s primary affiliation with the university is sponsorship. Previously, these changes needed to be addressed by UIT support staff. By allowing sponsors to manage these components themselves, it improves the overall business process and increases efficiency.

Sponsoring Someone for Library e-resources

Until now, all sponsored affiliates have had access to library e-resources by default. As of May 1, 2019, a new policy regarding access to library e-resources will take effect for sponsored SUNet accounts and will be phased in through August 15, 2019. As of August 16, 2019, sponsored accounts that have not been sponsored for library e-resources will be blocked from accessing online materials from all Stanford libraries.

The new policy requires sponsors of SUNet IDs to specifically sponsor accounts for library access if the account holder requires online access to any Stanford library to perform Stanford-related teaching, learning, or research. Library e-resource access is only available to academic affiliates; sponsors providing access to library e-resources must attest that account holders are doing Stanford-related work. This change only affects those with sponsored SUNet IDs and will not affect students, faculty, and staff whose active status at Stanford makes them full SUNet ID holders. The library e-resources access can be added to either base or full-service SUNet IDs; there is no fee for the library sponsorship.  Also, library e-resources access does not include physical library services such as building access, borrowing materials, inter-library services, etc.

Learn more about how to access library e-resources.

Last modified April 14, 2023