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Sponsored Services

The following services can be sponsored with Sponsorship Manager:

Account (SUNet ID, email)

A sponsored SUNet ID is available to anyone who is not part of the core Stanford community (students, faculty, staff) as long as this person uses computing resources in support of legitimate University work. SUNet IDs can be sponsored for contractors and consultants, temporary staff, visiting faculty, and others.

A person can have only one SUNet ID, through either sponsorship or university eligibility. It's possible (though unnecessary) to sponsor a university-eligible person's SUNet ID; simply, no charges will accrue to the sponsor's PTA until the sponsored person's university-eligible status ends. Not all services available to university-eligible SUNet IDs are available to sponsored SUNet IDs.

How to sponsor a SUNet ID account

To sponsor an account for someone, follow the steps below.
Note: You must be a faculty member, manager, or have been expressly granted the privilege to sponsor.

  1. On the Sponsorship dashboard, click Sponsor a SUNet ID > Sponsor a person.
  2. Select the service level — either a base (no email) or full (email and services).
  3. Enter a start and end date for the sponsorship. The maximum duration allowed is one year.
  4. Search for the person who needs a SUNet ID.
    • If the person's SUNet ID or University ID is found in Sponsorship Manager, click Sponsor to activate the account.
    • If the person doesn't have a SUNet ID or person record, Sponsorship Manager sends an email to the person you want to sponsor asking for identifying information. Once they respond you'll be able to finalize the sponsorship.
  5. For a new account, the sponsored individual will receive an email invitation to create a new SUNet ID at The account must be created within 30 days.
  6. The new SUNet ID is activated on the day you indicated as the sponsorship start date. No more action is required of either party.

When a full-service SUNet ID is sponsored, a monthly fee is billed to the PTA you provide;  you must have requisitions authority for the PTA in Oracle Financials. When a base service level is sponsored, no PTA is required.

The SUNet ID is used as the login ID (available to all service levels) to access systems and secure online resources to which  it has been specifically allowed, at the discretion of the system owner. These may include:

  • login to Axess (if the owner was formerly a student)

  • login to any protected website to which it has been granted access

Email service for a department or function

University departments or functions can be given a special, shared email account. The account name must be 9 characters or longer, e.g., To request a shared email account, please submit a request form. Once the account has been approved and created for you, sponsorship is required to activate it.

If you are the administrator for a shared email account, you will see a new section in Accounts with the heading Shared Email. There you can set up email forwarding addresses and an autoreply message.

Last modified April 13, 2018