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How to Sponsor On-behalf-of

Sponsors can delegate their access/privilege to another trained sponsor.  For example, a manager may ask an assistant to sponsor someone on their behalf. If the assistant has not completed the required online training, they will be prompted to do being given access.

  1. On the Sponsorship Manager dashboard, click Sponsor a SUNet ID and then click Sponsor a person.  
  2. On the Step 1: Sponsorship details page:
    • Select the service level and  start and end dates.
    • Check the I am sponsoring on behalf of box.
    • Enter the SUNet ID or name of the person you are sponsoring on behalf of and then click the search icon. 
    • In the search results, click the name of the person you are sponsoring on behalf of.
    • Add Notes if you wish.
    search for the person you are spsonsoring on behalf of by name or SUNet ID
  3. Click Next to advance to Step 2: Search for sponsee.
  4. Provide the requested information to search for the sponsee. For more information about searching, see How to Sponsor a Person.
  5. When you find the person you want to sponsor, click Sponsor.
  6. The Step 3: Confirmation page displays. Review the contract details. Check the box to agree that the service contract is entered correctly and then click Finish.

    review the contract details and then click Finish


Need more assistance? Please submit a Help ticket.

Last modified April 16, 2018