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How to Sponsor On-behalf-of

Sponsorship Manager lets you sponsor a service on behalf of someone else.

  1. Log in to Sponsorship Manager.
  2. If the  WebLogin page opens, enter your SUNet ID and password and then click Login.
  3. On the Sponsorship Manager home page, click Sponsor a Service
  4. In the Select Search Type dialog box, click the tab that best matches the data you have about the person you want to sponsor: SUNet ID, University ID, or Person.  
  5. Fill out the form and then click search. For more information about searching, see the Find a Person or Account page.
  6. When you find the person you want to sponsor, click sponsor this person.
  7. The information about the person you selected is displayed again. Click confirm selection.
  8. On the Select Service page, click Account (SUNet ID, email).
  9. On the Contract Details page, select the service level and  start and end dates. Check the box for I am sponsoring on-behalf-of and then click Select someone else.
    check box to indicate you are sponsoring this person on belhalf of someone else
  10. In the dialog box that displays, enter the SUNet ID or name of the on-behalf-of person and then click Search.
  11. Click the name of the on-behalf-of person from the search results. The name now appears on the contract details form.
  12. Add  Notes if you wish and then click Next.
    contract details form
  13. Review the contract details. Check the box to agree that the service contract is entered correctly and then click Finish.
    review the contract details
  14. Click Close.


Need more assistance? Please submit a Help ticket.

Last modified April 10, 2017