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Sponsorship Details

Faculty,  managers (as defined by Human Resources), and individuals who have been expressly granted the privilege can sponsor individuals or accounts for services by using Sponsorship Manager, a web application. Anyone with a SUNet ID can view sponsorship information.

  • Paid services: The sponsor must have requisitions authority in Oracle Financials, and provide a PTA for billing.
    • The specific authority required is Approvals — Requisitions.
    • This authority must be active — that is, the sponsor has completed all prerequisites and is able to actually approve requisitions in Oracle Financials.
  • Free services: The sponsor must be a faculty member, manager, or an individual who has been expressly granted the privilege to sponsor.

You can review the list of people and services you currently sponsor by logging into Sponsorship Manager and clicking the As Sponsor tab.

Anyone with a SUNet ID can technically be sponsored for a service. The sponsorship will only be active, however, if the person is not otherwise eligible for the same service via his or her status at the University.

For example:

  • Student Pat is university-eligible for a full-service SUNet ID because she is an active student.
  • Professor Jean sponsors Pat for a full-service SUNet ID. The sponsorship is not activated because Pat is university-eligible for the same service. No charges accrue.
  • Pat graduates, and is now university-eligible only for base-level service.
  • Jean's sponsorship kicks in, and Pat maintains full SUNet ID service. The PTA Jean provided is now charged monthly for the sponsored service.

Sponsor responsibilities

  • When sponsoring a person for a new SUNet ID account, you are responsible for ensuring that the person being sponsored doesn't already have an existing record and SUNet ID.
  • As sponsor you must affirm that the individual to be sponsored will use the service or resource in support of legitimate University work (i.e., teaching, research, and administration).
  • You are responsible for ensuring that a sponsored service is used in accordance with the University's policies. See the Administrative Guide policies related to Computing for more information.
  • For paid services, the sponsor must provide a current University PTA, for which the sponsor has active Approvals - Requisitions authority in Oracle Financials. Service fees will be billed monthly to this PTA.
  • You will receive notification of sponsorship status changes, unless you indicated a different sponsorship contact person.

Effective period

A sponsorship is valid for a fixed time period of up to one year, specified by the sponsor. Prior to sponsorship expiration, both the sponsor and the person who is sponsored will receive a reminder (via email) 30 days prior to expiration, and a second notice seven days before expiration. If you are a sponsor, you do not need to wait for these notices to renew a sponsorship.

Note: A person who is sponsored for a base-level account will not receive email notification, because base-level accounts do not include email service. Only the sponsor (or specified contact) will be notified.

Sponsorship on-behalf- of

Sponsorship Manager lets you sponsor a service on behalf of someone else. See the Sponsorship On-behalf-of page for more information.

Multiple sponsorships

More than one sponsor can sponsor the same service for the same person.

If the service is exclusive (e.g., account), the new sponsorship will immediately supersede the preceding one.

In the event you decide to end your sponsorship of a full-service account, you will need to notify the account owner of this change. The email service and other services associated with the account will end at midnight of the date you end your sponsorship.

View sponsorships

You can view the services you sponsor, services for which you are the sponsee, and services sponsored on your behalf on the Sponsorship dashboard. To access the reports click the tab of the report you want to view.

Sponsorship dashboard with tabs to select whether you want to view sponsorships As Sponsor, As Sponsee, and On Behalf Of

Rates, billing, and reimbursement


The PTA you provide will be charged the daily rate for the service level you select, up to the monthly maximum for that service level. See the Sponsored Account Rates page for daily and monthly rates.


Authorized users can view sponsorship charges on their monthly IT services billing statements via the OrderIT site.


You may not use personal funds to pay for a sponsored service; it must be billed to a University funding source. This allows the University to follow legal guidelines regarding unrelated business income, tax exemption, etc. However, a sponsoring department may choose to require personal reimbursement from a person they sponsor. If it is appropriate for a sponsored individual to pay for their own service, they can reimburse the university for the amount billed. See How To: Process and Deposit Department Receipts.

Last modified April 14, 2023