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Authority Manager

Central location to manage the systems authority for university administrative systems

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View proposed FY25 rate changes.

Authority Manager is a web application that serves as a central location for Stanford managers to grant system privileges to employees to perform administrative tasks in University systems.

In addition to maintaining the master record of who is authorized to do what in which system, it notifies participating business systems of any changes to an employee's authority so the business systems can allow or prevent access accordingly. 

Authority Manager does not replace native security tools in administrative applications.


  • Allows managers to grant privileges to employees for specified organizations
  • Allows managers to limit privileges to specific populations. As long as the manager meets the prerequisites and conditions of the authority, they will be able to access the affected systems within the specified conditions. 
  • Works for common authority definitions across University systems 
  • Provides a high-level view of a manager's authority across University systems 
  • Allows managers to grant privileges with prerequisites, conditions, and limits

Designed for

Faculty, staff, and students


An active SUNet ID

Data security

Not intended for use with Moderate or High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office. 


Free of charge

Get started

Anyone with a SUNet ID can log in to Authority Manager to see what authority they have been granted. 

If you have been granted authority, you may have received an email indicating that there are training or qualification tasks you need to complete before the authority can be activated. The prerequisites you need to complete are listed in the email; or to look up your current prerequisites status:

  1. Log in to Authority Manager and view your own authority.
  2. Look in the status column for: pending prerequisites.
  3. Click the icon to see a list of prerequisites and their current status.

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Last modified March 2, 2022