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How to Set Up a Secure Mailing List

You can send secure email to secure mailing lists that are administered by Stanford's mailing list service ( Secure email is only allowed to mailing lists that start with "secure-". Note: the list must start with "secure-" — and the hyphen is required. Secure email sent to non-secure mailing lists will be rejected.

To request a secure mailing list, submit a Mailman List Request. In the List name field on the form, be sure to start the list name with "secure-".

If you have an existing secure mailing list or are creating a new one, verify the following settings:

  1. Go to the mailing list administration page for your secure mailing list: (secure-LISTNAME = name of your list)
  2. Under Configuration Categories, click Non-digest options: In the Details for personalize field, select Full Personalization.
  3. Under Configuration Categories, click Digest options: In the Edit digestable field, select No.
  4. Under Configuration Categories, click General Options:
    • In the Edit anonymous_list field, select No.
    • In the Edit first_strip_reply_to field, select Yes.
    • in the Details for reply_goes_to_list field, select This list.
Last modified April 29, 2023