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Secure Email with Forwarded Accounts

You do not need to register your Stanford Email account (or that of other trusted domains such as or in order to read secure email. It arrives in your Inbox as any other message. However, if you forward your Stanford email to another mailbox, you need to register the final destination email address. For example, if your email is forwarded from Stanford to Gmail and you want to read secure messages in Gmail, you need to register the Gmail address.

Note: If you believe you are receiving secure email messages through a Stanford Email account but they appear as encrypted attachments, the messages have left the Stanford Email and Calendar service. It's possible that you are receiving your Stanford email via a department server using an alternate address. Please contact your local IT Support for more information about your final destination address.

To register the final destination of your forwarded Stanford Email account:

  1. Launch your email program and log in to the account to which you are forwarding your Stanford email.
  2. Open a secure email message. It will have "Secure:" in the subject line and will have an attachment.
  3. Open the attachment.
  4. Register your email address with Proofpoint Encryption.
Last modified January 20, 2017