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SAML Identity Providers

University IT runs a production, load-balanced SAML Identity Provider (IdP) that is both a member of our own FarmFed federation and the InCommon federation.  For more information see the Shibboleth Federations page.

Use the information in either A or B below depending on whether the participating Service Provider is a member of InCommon or not.

A. Identity Provider Information for most Service Providers



  • EntityID: (note: encryption on idp-uat is now SHA-256 only)
  • Metadata:  IdP-only metadata
  • SSL certificate: idp-uat.crt


  • EntityID: 
  • Metadata:  IdP-only metadata
  • SSL certificate: idp-maisuat.crt
  • IDP-MAISUAT is configured with LDAP-UAT for directory query


  • EntityID: 
  • Metadata:  IdP-only metadata
  • SSL certificate: idp-maistest.crt
  • IDP-MAISTEST is configured with LDAP-TEST for directory query

B. Identity Provider Information for InCommon Service Providers

InCommon Service Providers must use for Stanford's IdP entityID. All other InCommon metadata should be downloaded directly from InCommon.

Last modified July 17, 2019