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The "Cardinal Key Required" message

What does Cardinal Key Required mean?

The message "Cardinal Key Required" when attempting to login to a Stanford web site means that the web site requires the use of Cardinal Key certificate-based authentication for access. On the page with the "Cardinal Key Required" message you will see some additional messaging. Here is what the additional messages mean.

"The site you are trying to access always requires Cardinal Key authentication"

This web site requires Cardinal Key for all users. The only way you can access the site is by installing and enabling a Cardinal Key certificate.

"You are required to always use Cardinal Key for authentication because you are a member of the cardinalkey:always workgroup"

You have been placed in a special workgroup that requires you to use Cardinal Key authentication for all Stanford SAML-protected web sites.

"You are required to always use Cardinal Key for authentication to this application because you are a member of the cardinalkey:abc3432...855 workgroup"

You are required to use Cardinal Key to access this particular web site.

How do I get past this message?

The message is telling you need to be enrolled in Cardinal Key. To enroll, go to the Cardinal Key service page and follow the instructions there. If you have enrolled in Cardinal Key but keep getting the "Cardinal Key Required" message be sure that you have enabled Cardinal Key in your browser. To check if Cardinal Key is enabled visit the Cardinal Key setting page. Some browsers do not support Cardinal Key, so be sure you are using a compatible browser.

If you feel that you have been put in one of the above workgroups by mistake, please file a Help ticket.

I am still having a problem. How do I get more help?

Please submit a Help ticket.

Last modified March 20, 2020