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Join FarmFed Federation via SPDB

Stanford is currently a member of two trust federations: our own FarmFed and InCommon.

If a given SP (service provider website) is a member of InCommon, there is no metadata exchange necessary and you only need to find out what the entityID it is using and review if the default attribute release policy suffices.

If the SP is not a member of InCommon, then we exchange metadata, effectively adding the SP to FarmFed. Joining Farmfed Federations is a self-help service via the Service Provider Database.

Guidelines on entityID

The EntityID is a unique identifier, identifying each Service Provider and Identity Provider. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use an entityID of the form https://#service host name#/.
  • In cases where the service host name (e.g. is different from the system name (e.g., always use the service host name.
  • Avoid using volatile system names (e.g. which changes after reboot.

Last modified April 12, 2017