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Ascom Pocket Telephone Troubleshooting Procedures

Note: Ascom Pocket Telephones work only within range of the SHC wireless network.

If your pocket telephone doesn't work:

  1. Is the problem with the phone or with the network?
    Try walking near another ceiling antenna to see if the phone works there.
  2. Batteries are OK, phone still doesn't work.
    Charging is done in a desktop charger or in a charging rack. Charging is indicated by an orange LED. When the batters if fully charted the LED is green and a full charged "Battery" icon is display on the phone.

    Borrow another Ascom phone to test reception.
  3. Borrowed phone works.
    Ask your Department IT Contact about repair/replacement for your phone.

  4. Still no reception using borrowed phone.
    Likely a network coverage problem. Call the Stanford IT Help Desk at 650-725-4357 (4-HELP). Routine maintenance hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If five or more telephones are involved, or if an entire unit is down, engineers will respond to the call 24x7.

    Be ready to provide the "mac" address of the defective phone. The mac address is located on the back of the phone, behind the battery (remove battery cover and battery).
Last modified May 14, 2014