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What's New in Authority Manager

We've added a few new features in the Authority Manager application

System Authority view - added Mar. 2017

A System Authority tab had been added to Authority Manager home page. This tab is visible to those who have been granted super user access to a system or category. Otherwise, this tab is not visible.

new system authority view

Information icon for each privilege

A display information icon for each privilege on an authority record in home page. This icon displays the information about the particular privilege.

privileges screen

Comments in Authority Manager

The ability to add a comment or reference a help ticket that authorized the security approval authority manager. The comments field is a free-form field where you can provide details like Jira #, HelpSU or reason for granting or revoking with a maximum of 250 characters. This is not a mandatory field. Comments box is shown when granting, editing, revoking, or restoring an authority. We always replace the old comments with new comments entered in the comments box. When using “Revoke All” or “Restore All,” the comments that are entered will be updated for all the privileges that are being revoked/restored. The entered comments will be displayed for all the privileges as show below.


The entered comments are shown as below for each privilege in Authority Manager


Authority Manager notification process

Going forward for users having "grantOnly" privileges with pending prerequisites will not be notified to complete the prerequisites.


Last modified October 29, 2018