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Google Drive and Box Comparison

Most of the features of Google Drive, Google Team Drive and Box are very similar; we recommend that you use the tool that is best for your team.

The primary similarities between Google Drive and Box are:

  • Can be used to store Low Risk and Moderate Risk Data only; not for use with High Risk Data.
  • Available to Stanford community members with a full-service SUNet ID.
  • Able  to view documents online.
  • Uses a folder structure.
  • Mobile aware.
  • A sync tool is available for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.
  • Able to limit permissions to individuals or display to everyone.
  • Allows comments/feedback.
  • Integrated with Stanford workgroups

The primary differences between Google Drive, Google Team Drive, and Box are shown in the following table:

Feature Google Drive Google Team Drive Box
Free storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Real-time edition and collaboration Yes Yes No
Extensive document preview formats No No Yes, with MS Office Documents, editing using the Office 365 web client. This is not possible when using the Office desktop client.
Ownership Creator of document Team members Owner of folder
Groups Only individuals own folders Every group member owns folders A group or an individual can own a folder
Last modified March 8, 2018