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Web Content Management Program


One of University IT (UIT)'s priority initiatives is to provide modern, secure, and managed cloud-based web alternatives through the Web Content Management program. The program is a collection of efforts to replace the current Andrew File System (AFS)-based web content management systems. AFS is minimally supported and hosts a number of websites created by individuals and other organizations in unsupported, outdated and vulnerable versions of web tools.  

By 2021, UIT will establish new vendor platforms, upgrade established platforms, and assist the web content management community in determining the closest-fit solution for their needs.


The program is comprised of eight projects, and three are currently active. Below is an overview of each project. 

AFS-Based Drupal Websites

Stanford’s vast web presence is maintained by many distributed groups across campus and includes a wide variety of applications and hosting platforms, including the legacy AFS platform. 

UIT will reduce instances of Drupal on AFS by removal of inactive websites and provide alternative hosting options and guidance for owners of active websites.

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Stanford Sites Drupal 8 Platform

Stanford Sites, UIT’s primary Drupal cloud service, currently hosts 2,000+ sites and hosts only Drupal 7. To continue receiving security updates and community support, the Drupal service must be updated to the latest version by November 2021.

Stanford Web Services (SWS) will build and implement Drupal 8 on Stanford Sites, with rollout planned for February 2020.

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Form Builder Replacement

Form Builder, the Stanford Web Forms service, currently relies on AFS and will be replaced by a cloud-based vendor. 


*To alleviate any additional stress during the COVID-19 situation, University IT adjusted the timeline to these new key dates.

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WordPress Hosting Platform

A cloud-based WordPress hosting and vendor-provided support option will be made available as an alternative to the cloud Drupal platform.

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Static HTML/CGI-Enabled Websites

Static HTML, CGI-enabled websites will be documented and communicated. 

More information coming soon.

AFS User Volume Provisioning

UIT will change the process for provisioning AFS user volumes to new students, faculty, and staff.  New users will no longer be auto-provisioned with AFS user volumes. Should a new user need a personal AFS user volume, a request can be submitted through

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Virtual Name Redirect

UIT will move virtual name redirects (vanity URL services) to a cloud platform and move proxy URL redirects to a vanity URL redirect cloud infrastructure.

More information coming soon.

Virtual Name Proxy

UIT will move the virtual name proxy service to a cloud-based vanity URL service.

More information coming soon.


  • AFS-based Drupal websites
    • Mar 2019 - Aug 2020: Reduce instances of Drupal on AFS
  • Stanford Sites Drupal 8 Core Platform
    • Mar 2019 - Feb 2021: Build and release Drupal 8 on cloud Stanford Sites platform
  • Wordpress hosting platform
    • Sept 2019 - June 2021: Select and implement a vendor platform for WordPress hosting and support
  • Static HTML websites
    • Jan 2020 - June 2020: Replace static HTML websites and communicate with users
  • AFS web directory space
    • Feb 2020 - Feb 2021: End automated provisioning of new AFS web directory space to new students, faculty, and staff
  • Form Builder replacement
    • Aug 2019 - June 2020: Identify a replacement for the Web Forms service and freeze the current Web Forms service
  • Virtual name redirect
    • Feb 2020 - Feb 2021: Move virtual name redirects (vanity URL services) to cloud platform and move proxy URL redirects to Vanity URL redirect cloud infrastructure
  • Virtual name proxy
    • Feb 2020 - Feb 2021: Move virtual name proxy to vanity URL service

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Review FAQ about University IT's strategy for modernizing the web content management system at Stanford.

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  • Executive Sponsors: Steve Gallagher, Jan Cicero, Ganesh Karkala
  • Program Manager: Joe Perna
  • Product Owner: Larry Dillard (Static HTML websites, AFS web directory space, virtual name redirect, virtual name proxy)
  • Product Owner: Marco Wise (Form Builder)
  • Product Owner: Sara Worrell-Berg (AFS-based Drupal websites, Stanford Sites Drupal 8 platform, WordPress hosting platform)
  • Communications Lead: Rachel Manongdo