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Google Workspace

Use Google tools to share files and collaborate

In February 2021, Google announced it would be phasing out the unlimited and free storage allocation previously available to schools and universities that use Google Drive. Instead, it will offer a base amount of storage for a fixed fee and a charge for additional storage. An initiative is underway to support the university's transformation to a new Google service. Learn more about the Google Workspace Optimization Project.

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Transitioning to a Sustainable Google Workspace

January 23, 2024

Navigating the Next Era of Google Workspace for Education

August 15, 2023

Google Workspace (formerly known as "G Suite") is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. University IT (UIT) makes these tools available for use at the university.


Google Drive

Google Drive is also the home of Google Docs. Access files, folders and Google Docs from a web browser or any device on which Google Drive is installed.


Google collaboration tools allow you to easily interact with others and share information.

Email & Calendar

Since 2015, student email accounts are provisioned in Microsoft 365. Students who have Google email accounts, plus some schools and departments, can continue to use Gmail to access their email and calendar.

Following are additional Google Workspace applications that are available for use:

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Keep
  • Google Photos
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Meet
  • Google ClassRoom

The following Google Workspace applications are available upon request and might have a per user, per month fee associated with their use:

  • Google Vault

Designed for

Faculty, staff, and students.


A full-service SUNet ID.

Data security

Google Workspace applications are approved for the following Risk Classifications as defined by the Information Security Office.

Risk Classification Applications
All classifications - High Risk & PHI only if Secure: is used in the subject line. Google Mail
All classifications (except Protected Health Information)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Shared drives
Low and Moderate Risk Only
  • Google Calendar
  • Google ClassRoom
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Groups
  • Google Chat
  • Google JamBoard
  • Google Keep
  • Google Meet
  • Google Photos
  • Google Sites
  • Google Vault

Get started

To start using any of the Google Workspace applications, access the application and login. How to Login to Google Workspace  contains detailed instructions for the various ways you can login to and use Google Workspace applications.

Get help

Google carefully documents how to use the applications that are part of Google Workspace. Refer to their documentation for help.

If you still need help, please submit a Help ticket.

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Last modified February 26, 2024