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The Stanford CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Service is designed to allow users to run programs on the web server to provide dynamic content, collect user input, and offer services otherwise unavailable on the default Stanford Web service.


The CGI servers run on the Debian Linux operating system and have the following software installed:

  • Perl version 5.20.x
  • PHP version 5.6.x
  • Python version 2.7.x

Can run software that has been written in:

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python

Administrative Systems also offers MySQL service for departments and groups. For more information, see MySQL Database Hosting.


Designed for

  • Current faculty, staff, and students; groups and departments.
  • The CGI servers securely executes requested programs out of the owner's AFS space. The owner can be a user, group, or department as long as the owner already has AFS space.


A full-service SUNet ID

Data security

May not be used to transmit High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office.


Free of charge

Get started

Activate CGI service for your personal AFS account or request CGI service for a group, department, or class web site.

Get help

For assistance, please submit a Help ticket.

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Last modified April 12, 2023