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Research Computing

Stanford Research Computing offers and supports a variety of high-performance computing (HPC) systems in a safe, secure, and reliable hosting environment, platforms for working with high-risk data, and scalable data storage solutions. The Stanford Research Computing team members work closely with researchers to help them transition their analyses and models from the desktop to more capable and plentiful resources, facilitating deep explorations of data — and resulting insights and findings — typically not possible on desktops or departmental servers. Often partnering with units like ICME as well as the NSF ACCESS program and select vendors, the Stanford Research Computing team offers training and learning opportunities around high-end computing tools and technologies. In addition, we provide consultation to help you find the best solution for the kinds of computing and analytics you want to do.

Nero is a Big Data Computing Platform specifically designed for High-Risk Data developed in collaboration with the School of Medicine (SOM) and Stanford Research Computing. Nero is PHI compliant and operated by Stanford Research Computing.

Oak is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage system available to research groups and projects at Stanford.

For Stanford researchers who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally-managed data center.

Supporting researchers for reproducible scientific software

The Shared Scientific Facilities Management (SSFM) system is a web application that provides Stanford researchers and outside institutions a centralized marketplace and billing system for scientific services and equipment available on campus. 

FarmShare, Stanford's shared computing environment, provides Linux facilities for general and research computing to anyone with a full-service SUNet ID.  There are three environments available, each supporting specific types of shared computing, from general purpose computing tasks to long-running, compute-intensive jobs.