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Workgroup Manager

Workgroup Manager is a web application that gives Stanford community members a place to define groups of community members for use in various online applications, including web authentication.

A workgroup is a list of members in a group, identified by their SUNet IDs, and given a name that uniquely identifies it. A workgroup may also contain subgroups — other workgroups identified by their name.

Workgroups come in two flavors: 

  • workgroups owned by departments, divisions, and projects (e.g., its:directors, gsb:affiliates, helpdesk:consultants)
  • workgroups owned by individuals (e.g., ~jdoe:book_exchange)

In the example workgroups above, the first part (stem) of a workgroup's name, before the colon, is the workgroup's owner; the second part (id) is the specific name of the group. The combination of the two parts (stem:id) creates a unique name that can be used to refer to the workgroup.


  • Define groups of community members for use in various online applications
  • Can be used by multiple applications
  • Use workgroups with web authentication to control access to web pages
  • Can be owned by individuals or departments 
  • Restrict membership in your workgroup to only active members of the Stanford community, or to active students, faculty, and/or staff—automatically excluding or including members whose status changes—without you having to manually update your workgroup
  • Can link workgroups you administer to services such as Box, Google Groups, mailing lists, PTS groups, and WIN Active Directory.

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Last modified August 25, 2021