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Stanford Slack

The UIT Blog is a behind-the-scenes look at the build and delivery of technology products and services to the Stanford community. The topics you’ll read about are all told first-hand by the individuals who work closest to them.

Join New Workspaces (How to Do It and Why You Want To)

Jan Morrill
January 24, 2020

As Stanford Slack grows, more groups who share information with the Stanford community through websites, newsletters, and emails may also begin posting news in Slack. And you may discover that getting campus news in Slack lets you focus on what’s most interesting or relevant to you.

Stanford Slack: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Brad Immanuel
December 17, 2019

Stanford Slack recently marked its official second anniversary. And there’s a lot to celebrate. Two years into the journey, the platform has grown exponentially in ways we never anticipated. Today, more than 13,500 members of the Stanford community use Slack weekly. Of those users, almost three-quarters use the tool every day. Cumulatively, we now measure the messages we’ve sent and the files we’ve shared via Slack not in millions, but tens of millions. Amazing, isn’t it?