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Create a Slack Workspace for Your Course from Canvas — and Meet Coursebot

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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If you think Slack could benefit your course, visit Why use Canvas to create a Slack workspace for your course on, a web resource supported by LTS.

Stanford Slack isn’t only for connecting with colleagues. Increasingly, instructors are finding value in using Slack to work with students. 

Now, thanks to a partnership between Stanford University IT (UIT) and Learning Technologies and Spaces (LTS), instructors, teaching assistants, and course administrators in most schools can create private Slack workspaces directly through the Canvas tool. 

As a bonus, workspaces initiated via Canvas feature CourseBot. This new Slack app helps members of Stanford’s teaching community set up the default channels students will automatically be added to when they join the workspace.

Why use Slack in your course?

Messaging platforms such as Slack are familiar to students and can be a good way to augment your course communications. Slack can be used to: 

  • remind students about announcements or assignments
  • conduct virtual office hours
  • interact either in real-time or asynchronously

And Slack archives information so students can easily search a channel’s conversation history to find what they need. 

Teaching community collaboration 

Although private channels can be created in the workspaces generated in Canvas, by default the general channel and all Coursebot-created channels will be available to students. For that reason, it may be better to submit a Slack workspace request for workspaces intended for the teaching community only.