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Slack Adds New Video Messaging Option

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

When you need more than words to make it real, send a video.

Now you can instantly record Slack messages instead of just typing them.

Starting Aug. 5, Stanford is participating in a pilot for a new feature that lets you shoot and share three-minute-long video, voice, and screen recordings — giving you an additional way to collaborate in Slack. 

Similar to text chats, video messages give you the freedom to pivot from synchronous communication to asynchronous. So teams can keep the conversation going without the need for everyone to be available at the same time. Having more flexibility around when you absorb information and craft a thoughtful reply makes it easier to work across time zones and helps to reduce time spent in meetings. 

When to use video in Slack

Consider sharing a video when it’s not practical to attend a meeting or you want to personalize a message or add a visual element to illustrate an idea or problem. Here are some examples:

  • Send a quick project update to co-workers
  • Offer feedback to a colleague
  • Demonstrate a technical issue
  • Check-in and say hello

Enhanced playback controls

To support this new feature, Slack has enriched the playback experience. You’ll be able to speed up and slow down the video content you’re viewing, read transcripts, and even turn on closed captioning. And you won’t have to worry about finding what you need later. The transcript will be archived with the video and is searchable.

How to send video messages in Slack

When the feature is turned on, a new video icon will appear at the bottom of your message field, to the left of the green send button. If you don’t see it, you may need to do a hard refresh (cmd/ctrl + r).

When you’re ready to record a message, follow these steps: 

  • Click the video icon. A screen will pop up giving you the ability to record a message, share your screen, or turn off video to create an audio-only recording.
  • After you record your message, you can watch your recording and even re-record. 
  • You can add a text message to accompany your video before you send it.
  • Once you are ready, send the message to any channel, DM, thread, etc.

This feature is available on desktop only, but mobile is coming soon.

Slack’s video recordings are compatible with Scheduled Send, another new feature Slack rolled out last month to let you schedule messages up to 120 days in advance. So you can schedule your video to appear at a time that’s most convenient for your audience.

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