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Client Experience & Solutions

Client Experience & Solutions (CXS) focuses UIT’s approach to providing the highest quality user-facing services and associated enabling functions. It is the front face of UIT services, helping Stanford University and Stanford Medicine clients acquire and use technology successfully.

Our deep understanding of Stanford’s academic, research, healthcare, and business technology needs, combines with our equally deep understanding of how technology integrates with Stanford’s centralized and decentralized technology resources. We recognize that different clients have different needs and expectations for selecting, delivering, and using technology, and therefore require different types of support.

CXS will always strive to provide the “right touch” that meets the broadest client needs. We take a creative approach to rethinking our business models to meet our client’s needs, and CSX staff are committed to broad university goals and needs that contribute to the Stanford mission.

CXS collaborates with departments and organizations to develop operating level objectives. Establishing such objectives adds clarity and ensures matching expectations while creating partnerships in which everyone is working toward continual service improvement. This professional services approach builds long-lasting relationships.

End User Experience

End User Experience (EUX) brings together Cardinal Print, Computer Resource Consulting (CRC), IT Operations Center (ITOC), and Mobile Device Services (MDS) and Paging Services, Stanford University Hardware Program (SUHP), and the UIT Service Desk.

End User Experience focuses on creating, supporting, and improving our clients' end-to-end experience with their devices and applications at Stanford. EUX aligns user support with device security, device management, desktop and mobile app development, and mobile device services.

With CRC's 21-year history of service, support, and continuous improvement at its core, EUX is positioned to drive the end-to-end experience of using devices here at Stanford. Additionally, the team will unify the UIT desktop application portfolio, expand mobile app development, and actively promote collaboration tools. EUX is positioned to bring common user experience to the applications and tools our clients use every day and align that user experience with UIT's other user-facing services.

UIT Service Desk & Operations Center

The purpose of the UIT Service Desk is provide an excellent customer service experience to all members of the extended Stanford Community by offering comprehensive technical support for all UIT provided services, wherever and whenever needed.

The Knowledge Management Program improves the customer support experience by continuously improving the self-help opportunities presented to the Stanford Community, while continually aligning internal documentation & processes between service owners and support technicians.

The UIT Operations Center (ITOC) continuously monitors the health of UIT services and infrastructure using an ever-evolving suite monitoring tools, as well as reports from the user community. When anomalies are detected, ITOC proactively coordinates the response to minimize the impact to customers. The UIT operations center also offers these services to distributed IT departments.

Consulting Services

The mission of Consulting Services is to develop leading-edge, customized and scalable solutions that pair innovative technologies with creative business solutions. Consulting Services adds Technology Training (TT) Services, Card Services, Stanford Web Services (SWS), Technology Consulting Group (TCG), Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility (ODA), and Endpoint Engineering and Development (EED) — formerly DSG, ISO Endpoint, CRC Endpoint Dev.

Consulting Services is a services incubator, delivering services and support that empower our community’s daily work in research, learning and health care:

  • Providing solutions for seamless physical identification, security and access, as well as a convenient single experience for any business conducted with Campus ID.
  • Central creative web studio providing support for a robust and secure Drupal content management platform, Stanford Sites; value through consulting, design, development, and production services; a trusted technical partner to units and vendors collaborating on web projects; and foster a supportive community for all those shaping the expansive Stanford web presence.
  • Building and supporting servers and systems on campus, virtually and in the cloud, with a full complement of professional services, including: systems architecture and design, project discovery and engineering, security and comprehensive operational support
  • Enhancing the performance, productivity, and efficiency of individuals and organizations by developing and providing training solutions that meet the challenges of the future and address the needs of a dynamic and ever-evolving technology landscape.

Healthcare Client Experience

Healthcare Account Team (HAT)

The Healthcare Account Team partners with the Stanford Healthcare leadership on IT strategy and direction, ensuring our services are effective in meeting their business needs and enabling their success.

Operator Services Center

The Operator Services Center (OSC) team is the communication bridge between doctors, staff, patients and the entire Stanford community. As the first point of contact for most patients’ hospital experiences, we rely on this team to deliver exceptional customer service while supporting exemplary patient care. The vital communications hub of any hospital, the operator services team help to support improved patient care by helping to coordinate efficient communications.