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Link a Workgroup to Active Directory

Workgroups are now automatically linked to Active Directory, so creating an integration may no longer be necessary. 

For services that leverage the Active Directory (Windows) infrastructure for authentication and authorization, you can create an integration between a workgroup and an Active Directory Authentication Group in the WIN.STANFORD.EDU realm. Once created, these authorization groups can be used by services that authenticate via Active Directory (AD).

For a new Active Directory group linkage you must accept the default name offered and not change it. The default name is the name of your workgroup. However, an Active Directory group name cannot contain colons (:) so these are replaced with hyphens (-). For example, the default name for the mais:website-editor workgroup is mais-website-editor. If an Active Directory group already exists, the linking will simply be established with the existing group.

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Last modified January 25, 2024