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How to Create and Delete Workgroups in Workgroup Manager

Create a workgroup

All Stanford community member​s with active SUNet IDs are able to create personal groups with their ~sunetid stem. To create a group with an organizational stem, you must be a designated maintainer for that stem. 

If you know a stem exists, and you need to be able to create and maintain groups with that stem, please submit a Help ticket. Also submit a Help ticket if you need a new stem created for a group or project.

University IT recommends that the stem be more than eight characters. It should also be limited to alpha and numeric characters, underscores, or dashes.

  1. Log in to Workgroup Manager.
  2. Click Create a New Workgroup in the upper left-hand corner.

    Click Create a New Workgroup
  3. Click the Group name part A drop-down menu. All the stems for which you are a maintainer (including your ~sunetid stem) will be listed. Select your desired stem or submit a Help ticket if you do not see a stem that you think you should have access to. 

    Click the dropdown menu
  4. Enter a unique ID for the Group name part B and a description of the workgroup.
  5. Select how you want your workgroup to be nested or seen and then click Create Workgroup.

Delete a workgroup

  1. On the workgroup Properties tab, click Delete Workgroup.
  2. ClickOK to confirm the deletion.


    • Deleting a workgroup is immediate.
    • The membership of a deleted workgroup is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
    • You cannot restore the workgroup or its membership once the workgroup is deleted.
    • Deleted workgroups are marked inactive and retained in the system for future reference.
    • Once a workgroup is deleted, the name cannot be used to create a new workgroup.
Last modified June 30, 2017