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My Workgroups in Workgroup Manager

When you log in to Workgroup Manager and click My Workgroups you will see three tabs. The Administrator tab for the workgroups you administer, the Member tab for those that you are a member of, and a new StemOwner tab.

In the Administrator and Member  tabs:

  • The Number of members column shows only the direct membership in each workgroup, not including the membership of any nested workgroups.

In the StemOwner  tab:

  • Reveal available StemOwner actions such as “Add StemOwner” and “Create Workgroup”.

  • Stem Owners can now view all workgroups (both active and archived) under the stem and restore any archived workgroups (and restore membership and admins manually).

For the Administrator tab only, you may click a workgroup name to see its detail page.

The detail page shows:

  1. The Administrators tab

    • This tab lists all administrators of the workgroup, including individuals, nested workgroups, and the owner workgroup.

  2. The Members tab

    • This tab lists all members of the workgroup, including individuals and nested workgroups.

    • To see the members of a nested workgroup, click the (i) icon to the left of the workgroup name.

    • The Membership status column indicates whether the member is active (i.e., included in the membership count, and eligible for any services controlled by this workgroup), or "filtered out."

    • Click the (i) icon next to "filtered out" to see the reason the person is excluded from the membership count. The filter can be changed on the Properties tab.

  3. The Properties tab

    • This tab displays the group description, restrictions, and filters, each of which can be edited.

    • This tab lists any workgroups that have nested this workgroup.

    • The Delete Workgroup button is located on this tab.

  4. The Privilege Group tab

    • This tab displays the members in the privilege group for this workgroup.

    • Each person's role is listed.

    • Click a person's name that is listed and the application will take you to a list of their workgroups.

  5. The Integrations tab

    • This tab displays the members in the privilege group for this workgroup.

    • Each person's role is listed.

    • Click a person's name that is listed and the application will take you to a list of their workgroups.

  6. Workgroups tab (StemOwners only)

    • This tab displays all active and archived workgroups.

    • Stem Owners can restore an archived workgroup. 

Change workgroup properties

  1. On the workgroup detail page, click the Properties tab.

  2. Click Edit Properties next to the property you want to change.

    • Description: Describe the purpose of the workgroup and maintenance guidelines. The description can be seen by anyone who can see the workgroup name and membership.

    • Restrictions

    1. Nesting controls whether your workgroup can be included (nested) in the membership or administrators of any other workgroup, or only workgroups with the same stem as yours. If you restrict nesting after a workgroup has been nested in another workgroup, the existing nesting relationship will not change. If you want the workgroup to be removed from any umbrella workgroups, contact the owners of those workgroups. The workgroups in which your group is nested are listed on the Properties tab.
    2. Visibility controls whether or not your workgroup will appear in search results for Workgroup Manager users who are not administrators of your workgroup.
    3. Membership filter: Set conditions for membership in your workgroup. There are three filter options:
      • No filter: Anyone can be a member of your workgroup, even after they leave Stanford.
      • Stanford academic & administrative communities: People in your workgroup must have an active affiliation with Stanford. People who no longer meet this requirement will be filtered out.
      • Specific affiliation (students, faculty, and/or staff): Select one or more of these affiliations. Selecting all three results in a more restricted set than option 2. 

Members who are filtered out of your workgroup still appear on the Members tab in Workgroup Manager but are not counted in its membership and don't have any of the privileges associated with membership in the group. You can click the (i) icon next to the member's name to see the reason the person is filtered out.

Last modified March 4, 2024