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Stanford Health Care: How to Install Jabber for Windows

Jabber brings secure online chat to your computer. 

Internet connection

We recommend that users connect to Jabber via the wired SHC network. If users with laptops or other portable devices choose to connect via Wi-Fi, please select SHCMed-WLAN for initial setup.

If the user chooses to connect via Wi-Fi, please click the SHCMed-WLAN network.


To install Jabber, contact the SHC Service Desk at 33333.

Sign in

  1. If Jabber isn't already running, double-click the Cisco Jabber icon on your desktop or choose the Start button > All Programs (or All apps) > Cisco Jabber > Cisco Jabber.
  2. Enter your and your SID password.  To automatically sign in when Jabber starts, select Automatic sign-in. Click Sign in.

    sign in to Jabber

Sign out

  1. Click the Settings icon   and then click Sign out.

    sign out of Jabber
Last modified January 20, 2017