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How to Configure Your Android Device for Stanford Google Mail & Calendar

Google's site provides information regarding using their tools. Use the following instructions for Stanford-specific account information.

Before you begin

If you have not yet created a Google account password, go to and do this before adding your Stanford G Suite (formerly Google Apps)  account to your Android device. You can use the same password for your mobile device and a desktop client.

For previously-activated Android devices

To add your Stanford G Suite account to a previously-activated Android device:

  1. From the home screen, press Menu.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Accounts & Sync.
  4. Press Add an Account.
  5. Press Google.
  6. Choose Next.
  7. Choose Already have a Google Account  [Sign in].
  8. Sign In with your Google account account:
    • Username =
    • Password = your Google account password
    Then click [Sign In]
  9. When presented with options to choose what data to sync, check Sync Contacts, Sync Gmail and Sync Calendar.
  10. Once you have downloaded additional Google apps from Google Play like Google Docs, you will be able to return to this menu and enable syncing of this and other Google applications.

    The majority of applications (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar) will then either present you with a consolidated view or allow you to choose Menu and Switch Account to toggle between your personal Gmail account and your Stanford G Suite account.

For new Android devices

To add your Stanford G Suite account to a new Android device (or one upon which you have just performed a complete reset to factory defaults), simply perform step 8 above when prompted for your Google account address during the first-boot activation wizard.

To access the resources of your other Google accounts (e.g., personal Gmail), you will then need to perform all of the above steps, substituting your Gmail username and password in step 8.

Last modified May 15, 2017