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Slack Resources

Tips, tricks, and resources to enhance your Slack experience

Last Call For Slack Workspace Migrations

October 4, 2022

Slack Basics

Use Stanford Slack as your go-to instant messaging tool to communicate with university faculty, students, and staff. 

First-time Slack User

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Logging into Slack for the first time? Follow these instructions to set up your Slack account. 

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Quick and Easy Virtual Collaboration Tips

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Check out this video with six quick and easy ways you can use Slack to enhance your virtual collaboration.

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Slack Champion Training

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Watch this Slack Champion Training video to get more out of your Slack use. 

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Stanford Workspaces

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Explore all the available workspaces across the Stanford Slack Grid. 

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Slack Best Practices for Working Remotely

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Leverage these best practices to stay productive.

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Engaging Distributed Colleagues in Slack

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Use Slack to keep teams together when they're physically apart.

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More Slack Blog Posts


Learn about Slack first-hand from the teams and individuals using the platform.

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Slack Ask Me Anything Channel

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Join the #slack-ama channel to get tips, tricks, and other Slack hacks from hundreds of your Stanford colleagues who are already using Slack. 

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Pro Slack Hacks

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From setting reminders to favoriting posts, these five Slack hacks will make your work life simpler and more productive. 

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Slack Self-Help Guides

Explore these resources from the Slack Help Center to maximize your use of Slack.

Slack 101

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Learn the basics of the app with visual walkthroughs, tips, and videos.

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Using Slack

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From channels to search, learn more about the topics you're interested in. 

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Build Your Profile

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Learn more about managing your profile and adjusting features including notifications. 

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Create Channels

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Everything you need to know about creating and managing channels in Slack. 

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Work in Slack

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Explore everyday work-related tasks, actions, and features to make using Slack more effective.

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Add Tools

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You can add these tools and apps to Slack to support your experience and engagement.

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Manage a Workspace

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Managing a workspace? Uncover everything you need to set up and support your team. 

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Tips and Tricks

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From reducing noise to adding lists, these tips and tricks will help to improve your Slack use. 

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Things to Know

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these tips, tricks, and insights can help you excel at Slack. If you need help or have questions,  please submit a help ticket.

Channel Search

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Learn the easiest way to find channels in Slack. 

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Customize Notifications

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Get notified about the things that matter most to you. 

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Screenshare with Slack

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Use Slack's call feature to share screens with remote team members. 

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Slack Actions

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Explore a breakdown of some of the actions you can take in Slack and learn what happens after each is taken. 

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Sync Slack to Outlook Calendar

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The Outlook Calendar app in Slack helps you keep up with daily meetings, eliminating the need to open your calendar application from meeting to meeting.

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Sync Slack to Google Drive

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With the Google Drive app, you can receive Google Drive notifications, import files, and much more — all through Slack.

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App Directory

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Coordinate teams, work, and conversations with these app integrations. 

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Slack Tips Library

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Get more from Slack with these tips on boosting work productivity to cross-functional collaboration. 

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Create a New Stanford Slack Workspace

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You can submit a request for a new workspace. If you're an instructor or TA, you can create a private workspace for your course directly from Canvas.

Submit a requestCreate a workspace from Canvas

Recommended Stanford Workspaces and Channels to Join

The Stanford Slack Grid is home to many workspaces and channels. With Stanford Slack, it's easy to discover and join other workspaces that are central to your work, although some workspaces require approval to join. Below are a few suggested Stanford workspaces and channels you might want to check out. Keep in mind, you may be unable to view a channel if you are not a member of the workspace that the channel belongs to.

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