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Jabber is a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that's easy to use, reliable, and secure.


  • IM / video chat — send instant messages to others and collaborate over video conference
  • Presence — show others your availability status
  • Voice phone mobility — receive and place phone calls from your desk phone number to your computer or mobile device. Free voice calling that doesn't use carrier minutes
  • Group chat and persistent group chat — chat with multiple people at the same time
  • Federation  — communicate across Stanford affiliations
  • Chat with other universities/companies/organizations (SU only) send instant messages to people outside of Stanford who utilize XMPP IM services
  • Screen capture — take a screen shot and share it with others
  • Screen sharing — share your computer screen with chat or video participants
  • File sharing — share files with others
  • Slack integration (coming soon) — sync Slack channels with Jabber group chat rooms

Installing Jabber

Quick Start Guide to using Jabber

Last modified December 8, 2017