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eACD Features (Enhanced Tier)

Please note: The University IT Communication Services team is transitioning groups across Stanford from the existing Avaya Call Center solution to the new Cisco Contact Center Platform in a multi-year project that will implement more modern technology at hundreds of call centers across Stanford and the hospitals. This page will soon be updated with more relevant information. Visit the following page to learn more about the project

Note: the features listed below are included only in the Enhanced service tier:

EAS (expert agent selection) via Skills based call routing:

  • Enhanced Automatic Call Distribution (eACD) automatically distributes incoming calls among the expert agents assigned to a skill (hunt group). When all agents are busy, calls queue to the skill until an agent is available, with music and generic announcements or customized announcements.
  • When more than one Expert Agent is in an available state, the call is directed to the agent who has been idle the longest (or most idle agent) for that skill. Each agent has a login ID that may be assigned up to 60 different skills depending on the expertise of each agent.
  • The Expert Agent’s ability to answer certain types of calls is delivered via the skill-set, which contains 16 levels of expertise, with 1 as the most expert and 16 categorized as "trainee" status.
  • Supervisor monitoring software downloaded to the Supervisor's desktop, known as CMS, is utilized to manage the performance of the call center and update/reassign skill-set to better answer peak periods.
  • CMS also offers ad hoc and historical reports by intervals—daily, weekly, or monthly—at your fingertips. This is a self-serve reporting system, unlike the legacy CCMIS, which required clients to subscribe to ITS to schedule ACD reports or purchase the Supervisor license at a higher rate than CMS. The new service also offers greater flexibility to customize call queues, letting clients to opt out of leaving a voice message or remaining in queue.
  • EAS provides the quickest speed of answer by routing calls to agents with multiple skills and different skill priority levels.
  • EAS allows an agent to log in at any Avaya telephone in situations where multiple agents share the same telephone for shift work or agents are not assigned to a specific telephone.
  • eACD calls can be queued to the agents at different priority levels. The most common is to send the calls in at medium priority. If more than one type of call will be queued to the same skills, then different levels can be assigned.
  • eACD can be designed with a front end menu routing calls to the call center, with an added bonus of displaying the distinct name of the option chosen by the client from the menu, assisting the agent in understanding how to greet the calling party with the appropriate greeting.
  • CMS also offers reporting for the front end menu to your call center application.
  • eACD also offers IP Agent soft phone license purchase for employees needing to work at home, or used for disaster recovery. If call center is not accessible to employees, business will not be disrupted. IP Agents soft phone allows agent to answer calls by directing the calls to the telephone accessible to them at offsite location.
  • eACD offers both remote Meeting & Emergency shutdown of the call center by Supervisors simply dialing a phone number with their own login ID and password. Meeting or Emergency when invoked can route calls to a voice messaging system, off-site answering service or destination of your choice. eACD offers custom holiday announcement. Clients can have: a different announcement for holidays, the same options as the night treatment, or a different treatment for holidays.
  • eACD offers after-hours treatment for nights, weekend and holidays.
    • Play a night announcement and disconnect the caller?
    • Play night announcement and provide a different menu?
    • Route the call to another location or Answering service?
  • eACD also offers remote and onsite "Service Observe" for staffed agents for training purposes. Generic monitoring announcement are also designed in the calls flow and applied to all eACD queues.
Last modified May 6, 2019